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all in 1 inspections

Because you need to know


11 month Warranty Inspections:

A full or partial home inspection that allows you to have a final checkup prior to the one year warranty expiration.

Pre-Sale Inspections:

Client Repoets

Full home inspection for the seller that wants to maximize the sale value. This report can be used as a guide to make needed repairs before they become a sales issue, and along with repair receipts can be shown to the potential buyer. We also offer a substantial discount on a new full inspection for the buyer if they wish to have the property inspected again. (Please call for more information)

Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Full home inspection for the buyer that needs to know the condition of the property they seek to purchase. This report is an invaluable aid for making an informed decision about any property purchase.

 Multi-Family Inspection:

Full, or partial, inspection of multifamily structures. These income producing properties truly put the investor in a need to know situation, and the emphasis on the inspection is somewhat different than single family dwellings.

Light Commercial Inspection:

Stand alone commercial buildings are a totally different kind of inspection. The standards of inspection are different, as well as the expectations of the client. These inspections are customized to the clients needs. (Please call for more information)

WDO Inspections:

WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms), sometimes know as Pest and Dry Rot, inspections are not required in Oregon, but it is virtually impossible to do a thorough home inspection without going through the steps. Consequently, we do the inspection but do not write a formal WDO report. Such a report is offered for an additional fee.    ( Please call for more information)

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